Career Online High School Pilot Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career Online High School (COHS)?
Who can apply to COHS?
How will people be selected for the program?
How long will it take me to complete the program?
How much time will I need to dedicate to my coursework?
When can I work on my courses?
What if I need help with my coursework?
Will COHS students receive a high school equivalency exam, such as a GED?
What is the difference between a high school equivalency exam, like the GED, and high school diploma?
Why shouldn’t I just earn my GED or other high school equivalency?
What type of career certification will be offered?
If I choose a career certification in an area such as childcare, how will I train to work with children?
What is the career portfolio?
Is all coursework web-based?
What device(s) can I use to access my coursework?
Is all coursework in English?
Will I need to purchase textbooks?
How long will it take for students to complete the program?
What is the history of COHS?
Is COHS accredited?
Will my local community colleges and universities accept a Career Online High School diploma?
What if I need help with the admissions process following graduation?
Is COHS staff credentialed? When are they available to assist students?
Does my Library offer other resources for education and job preparation?
How do I get started?