The Student Experience from Recruitment to Graduation

Learning About and Applying to the Program

Learn About the Program

Prospective students explore the student recruitment website and other customized marketing materials to learn about the Career Online High School program, how it works and whether it is the best option for them. If they are interested in enrolling, they are directed to take the self-assessment as the next step in applying to Career Online High School.

Complete the Online Self-Assessment

To help your library match program resources to student needs, prospective Career Online High School candidates are asked to complete an online self-assessment found on your library’s student recruitment website. The self-assessment will help determine if the student displays program readiness. If the self-assessment indicates criteria have been met for enrollment into Part 1, the prerequisite course, the student advances to the next step in the enrollment process. If the outcome of the assessment indicates further exploration is necessary, the student will be directed to contact your designated library staff.

Register For and Complete a Prerequisite Course

Students must first select a career focus (there are eight options) and use their library cards to register for Part 1 of the program, the prerequisite course. The prerequisite course is the first semester, or one half-credit, of the career curriculum.

During the prerequisite course, students:

  • Explore the online learning environment to determine if they are comfortable with this teacher-supported, self-paced approach to learning
  • Assess whether the Career Online High School program best meets their educational needs, or if alternative options for high school completion (or equivalent) are more appropriate
  • Determine if the career field is interesting/appealing
  • Demonstrate to your library their commitment to furthering their education through successful completion of the program
Request a Scholarship

If students elect to continue after completing the prerequisite course, they will apply for a scholarship for enrollment into Part 2, the full program. Completing the prerequisite course qualifies the student for scholarship consideration, but does not guarantee award or enrollment—scholarships are awarded at the discretion of your library.

Receive a Scholarship

In addition to the existing student pre-qualifying mechanisms (self-assessment and prerequisite course), your library may require additional steps be taken for scholarship consideration, such as a signed student agreement, admission essay, in-person interview, etc. The criteria for scholarship evaluation can be customized depending on your library’s workflow and staffing.

At the time of scholarship award, the student should complete a transcript request form to facilitate Career Online High School’s transcript evaluation to determine whether the student will receive credit for any previously completed coursework.

Completing Coursework and Graduating

Get Started

Once awarded a scholarship by your library, Career Online High School will pair students with an academic coach, who will welcome them and help them prepare to succeed with the program.

  • Virtual Welcome Kit shows students step-by-step how the program works
  • Welcome phone call kicks off a virtual tour of the online campus, which serves as a first-day-of-school orientation.
Go to School

Students log in to the online classroom via your library’s student recruitment website. The learning management system includes:

  • Anytime access to courses
  • Instant feedback on lessons and exams
  • Tools to keep track of progress such as a Gradebook and Pace Guide
  • Online learning resources including eLibrary, calendar and academic support services
  • Pace guide to help students stay on track and move through the program by completing one course credit every two weeks
Get Support

A full support team is dedicated to helping students:

  • Academic coach monitors student “pacing” activity and reaches out by phone, email and other social networking tools
  • Qualified, board certified instructors provide academic support
  • Support staff help students plan for their next career steps
  • Technical support is available by phone or email
Prepare for a Career

Students prepare to advance along their chosen career path, with the following career resources:

  • Career-focused, skills-based elective courses
  • Biweekly online seminars focused on 21st century skills
  • Monthly career webinars to prepare students for workplace realities and job markets
  • Career portfolio lessons that teach business writing and help students create resumes and cover letters

Students complete the program fully prepared to be successful in their communities. They graduate with:

  • High School Diploma
  • Career Certificate
  • Career Portfolio
  • Applicable job prep training and skills