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Student Testimonials

Career Online High School is changing lives! See what students have to say about their own experiences with the program.

I’ve completed a part of my education that I’ve been missing. I knew I was capable of achieving this and it feels great knowing now what I have accomplished. As a college student I am no longer missing that gap, and the career training from COHS has been carried over into my work and that I know my employer appreciates!
Angie, a graduate from Los Angeles Public Library
I’m the only one of all my brothers and sisters who didn’t graduate from high school. I want to do this because this is something I told my mom I would do. Even though she’s not alive today, I want to still keep my word.
Kirk, student from San Diego Public Library
You’ll face some obstacles, but don’t give in. You have to apply, interview and follow through on finishing the perquisite courses. You have to work at it, but I think the program is very practical and doable. You have to make yourself available and really want it. The program is such a blessing. I’m really doing it for my four year-old daughter and one-year-old son.
Kristen, a graduate from Camden N.J. Public Library
I’m crying tears of joy because I feel it is my turn to do this for me. At first I thought I was not going to be able to take this journey, but I was so wrong. I am doing it and it feels so goooood!
Hilda, a student from Los Angeles Public Library
This experience has been a good one because I can do it at my own pace and because I have been assigned a coach there’s always someone there to help you if you need it. This program has given me another chance to succeed.
Tanesha, a student from Scotch Plains Library, N.J.
I’ve got the experience, but I don’t have the diploma. I can’t get promoted in my job unless I get a diploma. I am so eager to get started, because this opens up more opportunities to me.
Cindy, student from San Diego Public Library