Student Recruitment and Marketing Support

Gale provides library-specific consultation to help you determine the right mix of activities to ensure you have the tools to find and qualify prospective students. The comprehensive marketing and student recruitment package will help your library achieve success with Career Online High School. Our customer care and marketing teams will work closely with your program manager to customize a variety of student recruitment tools, which may include some of the items below, or additional resources as needed.

  • Branded website with your library’s logo and information to be used as the landing page for all marketing promotions
  • Student self-assessment tool to capture high-qualified leads
  • Direct access to the virtual classroom for registered students
  • Search engine optimized with robust analytic reporting
  • Banner ads for your core library website
  • Social media planning recommendations and sample posts
  • Template copy for email outreach, eNewsletters or blogs

A variety of printed materials for use both within and outside of your library to create awareness and generate interest in your Career Online High School program, including posters, a tri-fold brochure, information on each career track and more.

Gale will provide a “PR 101” overview on how to effectively customize the template press release, identify local media contacts and pitch your story.

Templates and flyers for outreach to education- and career-oriented community organizations.

Demographic insight into your local community that can be used to understand the educational attainment data for your area, as well as identify target audiences for outreach and promotions.