Boulder Public Library Empowers Residents with Career Online High School

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| By Gale Staff |

More than 5,000 adults in Boulder County lack a high school diploma or equivalent credential, according to the Boulder Public Library (BPL). To combat the high dropout rate, BPL began offering Career Online High School (COHS), a nationally accredited program that allows adult students to earn a high school diploma while gaining career skills.

Mike Gawrlyczik, a recent COHS graduate, reflects on his experiences with the program:

“Part of it was trying to obtain a livable wage in Boulder County. More education makes it a little bit easier. It’s given me a lot of self-confidence to look at higher education and other career opportunities. It’s a great program. They teach you a lot of valuable skills. I felt very fortunate to find a program that would offer me a regular high school program, not just a GED. Anybody, if they’re determined enough, could go back and finish what they needed to.”

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